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Stop searching through endless YouTube tutorials and confusing advice.

Discover Clear, Effective Coaching That Transforms Your Golf Game!

Before Swing Your Way

  • ​​Feeling frustrated by inconsistency in your swing?
  • Struggling to maintain focus and confidence on the course?
  • Wasting precious time and energy on ineffective practice routines?
  • Unsure how to translate your potential into tangible results?
  • Tired of watching others improve while you remain stagnant?

After Swing Your Way

  • ​​Have a clear roadmap to improve your swing.
  • Break through plateau and see real improvement in very first hour
  • ​Know exactly what will correct key misses and how to eliminate them

  • Experience a newfound consistency and precision in your swing.
  • Make every practice session count, optimizing your time for maximum improvement.
  • ​Step onto the course with unwavering focus and confidence.


Our Services

Who is Austin you ask? 

Hey there, I'm Austin Pulczinski with Golf Guru!

At the young age of 19, I injured my back due to “cookie-cutter” coaching that didn't align with my body's unique movement patterns. 

It was a 

tough blow

that lead me down a 

path of pain,

impacting my game and sucking the joy out of the sport I loved. But this experience also sparked a revolutionary journey -

a journey to transform how golf is taught.

I have tight hips and a mid-back that just wouldn't cooperate with the traditional advice to "turn more".

The result?

Stress injuries and a couple of herniated discs in my lower back. 

For over seven years, these back issues interfered with my game, making every minute on the course a struggle.

But I refused to throw in the towel.

I spent a decade determining how to play golf without pain while still passionately enjoying the game.

And guess what

I've finally cracked it!

​I discovered the secret to pain-free golf,

a method I've proudly been able to share with our students.

It all boils down to understanding how our bodies are designed to move.

Some parts of our bodies are built for rotation, while others need to stay stable.

When stable joints like the lower back, knees, and feet move too much,

that's when the pain kicks in.

As a PGA Class A Member and TPI Certified expert, I've used my unique experiences and over 10,000 lessons to shape my coaching methods. 

I don't just give Band-Aid fixes; I've designed a four-step process that helps each golfer find the swing that naturally fits them

I found a way to let my mobile joints, the mid-back, and hips do their job, while keeping the stable ones in check.

This approach allowed me to play almost entirely pain-free and
even lower my handicap from a 5 to a +1.

To me, golf is more than a sport;

it's a mental journey. 

I emphasize mental resilience and positivity, helping you build confidence to thoroughly enjoy the game.

My simple, yet effective techniques will not only improve your performance but reignite your love for golf.

So, are you ready to transform your game, play pain-free, and unlock your potential?

Let's embark on this journey together and rediscover your joy in golf.

Here are Just a few of our 5-Star Google Reviews!

Get to Know Austin and Discover How You Can Effortlessly Master Your Swing Today!

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Struggling with your swing?

Stuck at your current playing level? Or even getting worse?


Struggling with Self-Doubt in your Game?

Do you ever feel like no matter how much time you spend practicing, you're not seeing the improvements you crave? That nagging doubt, whispering that maybe you're just not cut out for the game, can be your worst enemy. It's not just about skill; it's about believing in your ability to improve and excel.

  • Do you feel like...self-doubt is holding back your golf game?
  • Does it seem're navigating the golfing journey without any guidance or support?
  • Are you frustrated...with the ups and downs of your performance on the course?
  • And when it comes down to it, do you...feel overwhelmed by the complexities of mastering golf?

Claim Your Free Copy of "Swing Your Way: 4 Steps to Full Swing Mastery" Today and Transform Your Golf Game!

Download your free e-book now and uncover the secrets of the Swing Your Way system. Discover the science behind finding the perfect swing that fits your unique style. In just 30 minutes, you'll start experiencing improved distance, accuracy, and consistency. Don't miss out on this opportunity to transform your golf game. Enter your best email address and click the button to get your free e-book today!


Swing Your Way

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This podcast is for the golfer who has heard every piece of advice, tried it all and didn't see results. The golfer seeking for the answer to their frustrations.

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Episode 1- The Joint by Joint Approach
Dive into the joint by joint approach: how aligning each joint unleashes your swing's true potential.  Listen To More

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Episode 2- Make a Full Shoulder Turn
Making a full shoulder turn is helpful for creating power if you have the mobility of a tour pro. Otherwise ignore it  Listen To More

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Episode 3- Focus on Good Alignment
Alignment is important, but there is something more important that directly affects your alignment...Posture.  Listen To More


Our Services

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Full Swing Lesson

Swing Your Way Sequence Introductory Lesson

Experience a comprehensive full swing lesson designed to transform your golf game. Develop a simple and repeatable swing process that will enhance your distance, accuracy, and consistency on the course.

  • ​Develop a simple repeatable swing process, so you can gain distance, accuracy and consistency and ultimately shoot lower scores
  • Take Home A Before/After Recap, so you'll be able to self-correct anytime you get stuck or start overthinking.
  • ​Learn Your New Swing in one sessionso you can start working towards mastery of your new swing, seeing improved results every step of the way.
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Play A Round of Golf In An Hour or Less!

Lightning Fast TrackMan Golf

TrackMan Golf is the closest thing to playing real golf without the need to take hours to play or travel to the golf course.

Save time and money by playing the bulk of your rounds in the comfort of our studio. Choose from 300 different courses with the library growing every month.

  • Play 18 holes in as little as 42 minutes, so you can enjoy your golf without taking you away from the more important parts of your life like spending time with family.
  • ​Track every shot you hit with TrackMan Golf App, so you can view your past rounds (the good and the bad) and learn from them
  • Play in our climate controlled indoor studioso you can play golf regardless of whether it's hot, cold, raining or the courses are dealing with a frost delay.
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TrackMan Optimized Club Fitting

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