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5 Ways To Lower Your Scores


Fix Your Slice

There are 3 main causes of a slice, if you understand them, they are easy to eliminate.


Your slice can be erased or you can learn how to use it effectively.


Learn the key characteristics that cause a slice and how you can use them to your advantage.


Gain Distance

Gaining distance with each club is the fastest way to improve your scores. 

If you add 1 mph of swing speed you can gain 2-4 yards with your driver.


A 5 mph gain can amount to a 10-20 yard gain off the tee, which can be the difference between you hitting an 8 iron or wedge into a green.  That doesn't even account for any of that speed transferring your irons.


Can you guess which you'd hit closer?


Learn what swing fits you best

Most golfers attempt to swing like their friends or like professionals. This can end badly if your movement fundamentals are different. 

It's important to understand your swing and why you swing the way you do. If you only identify what happens and try to "fix it" you could end up making your swing less effective.

Skip trial and error by understanding what you do best and how that can be maximized in your swing and entire game.


Get Clubs built for your swing

Spend 60 minutes with a fitter to find the clubs that fit your game best. We consider what you want from new clubs along with the performance. We will never sell you clubs that won't help your game. 


 If we can't beat your current clubs by at least 5 yards, the entire service is Free! 


Fittings benefit players of all skill levels.

However, the higher your handicap the more you have to gain from custom-fit clubs.


Play More Golf

By playing more golf you'll give yourself more opportunities to improve your scoring and consistency.


Put your game to the test on courses all over the world without leaving Arizona!

Indoor golf on Trackman is as realistic as it gets. Short of having sunshine, it doesn't get any more realistic compared to playing golf outdoors. 

  • Play famous "bucket-list" courses such as Pebble Beach and St. Andrews.

  • Play at your own pace with nobody holding you up or hitting into you.

  • The average golfer finishes 18 holes in under an hour when playing alone. But some have finished in 40 minutes!

  • Each bay can fit as many as 8 players!

  • No Frost Delays! This one's a big deal in AZ in the winter.

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