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Golf Lessons And Mobility Training to Take Your Game to the Next Level

Private golf lessons in Mesa, AZ


Do you struggle with slicing the ball? Or maybe you just don't hit the ball consistently enough? By working on your technique you can learn to hit the ball consistently and lose the slice. If you want more than just hitting the ball straight then we can even develop your short game and putting technique.

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Do you struggle with downhill chips? Maybe hitting the fairway when you see water? On-course practice helps you to overcome these mental hurdles. We can practice any shot you can think of with over 200 courses to choose from.

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Do you hit the ball great at the range and struggle to hit it well on the course? This is a common struggle that playing lessons help to fix. Typically you just need more on course application and better focus during the round. We help you make good decisions and use mental imagery. Leading to improved focus and a lower score.


Austin Pulczinski

Certified PGA Teaching Professional

Titleist Performance Institute Certified

Eyeline Putting Certified

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The Last Golf Coach You'll Ever Need

I grew up on a golf course, literally. Golf is my family's business, and helping people to play better golf is my passion.


When you play well, the game is a source of great pleasure, but when you don’t, it can be a source of great frustration. I have seen it hundreds of times — and I know that the difference comes down to good instruction and understanding how your body moves best.


I have developed an approach to teaching that runs counter to how most instructors work. I never make my students conform to some notion of a perfect swing, Instead, I evaluate how they move, and then teach them how to work with their movements to optimize their results. 


Helping people enjoy and improve their golf game is my sole business; I am continually investing in education and equipment to help our students improve faster. That’s why I can say with confidence that Golf Guru will be the last golf instructor you will ever need.

— Austin Pulczinskiu

Golf Guru's Lessons are Grounded by Technology

We use the latest golf technology to study your swing and prioritize the fastest way to improve. In just a few lessons you'll gain:

  • Increased speed leads to longer drives and more birdies.

  • Improved accuracy through a better understanding of your golf swing and face to path relationship.

  • Renewed confidence in your ability to play a more consistent game.

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