The Golf Guru Way

A Unique Approach to Teaching Golf


Golf Lessons Start With You

What do you want to gain from your golf lessons?

Is your goal to gain distance, consistency or accuracy? We have the right coach and plan for you. No matter your skill level, we will customize a plan to help you reach your goals.

What are your opportunities to improve?

We analyze your swing and how you move to create a plan for you. Everyone moves differently. Your fundamental movements directly affect your swing. 

How much time do you have to practice?

We know your time is valuable and will work to plan your lessons and practice to maximize your learning. Our goal is to help you improve without countless hours on the range.

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“Many students expect me to overhaul their entire swing because of past golf lesson experiences. I will never do that. Instead, I help you optimize your swing. That means adapting what you do naturally instead of having to adapt to some artificial ideal.”

Austin Pulczinski, PGA
Director of Instruction, Golf Guru

Coaching Staff

Our goal is to help you play better than you ever thought possible.

Austin Pulczinski, PGA

Austin has been playing scratch golf or better since he was 16 years old. Of course, he did have an advantage, having grown up on his family’s golf course. Today, he is a PGA Professional with over 8 Years of Teaching and Coaching experience, including:

  • TPI Certified since 2017 

  • PGA Class A Member since 2018

  • PGA Certified in Teaching & Coaching - 2019

  • Eyeline Golf Certified - 2019

  • TrackMan University - 2019

  • TPI Golf Level 2 Certified - 2020

Keith Johnson

Keith has been playing golf since he was four years old, and has a deep passion for helping people get better at their golf game. In school, Keith majored in Golf Course Management and Biblical Theology, and continues to combine those interests in his coaching today. His early accomplishments include:  

  • District Champ 2003 

  • District and Regional runner up 2002 

  • State Qualifier 2002


Keith has been trained by Austin using the same approach, philosophy and technology, and is currently working towards his TPI certification.

Malissia Pulczinski
Fitness Coach

Malissia’s focus is on warm up exercises, so that every student who comes for a lesson will be properly warmed up first so that they can get the most out of each lesson and avoid injury. Malissia is working on her TPI certification so that she can take her coaching to the next level.

We have the perfect golf coach for you

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your teaching philosophy?

We will never ask you to change your swing to meet some ideal. Instead, we will adjust your swing to work better with your body.

How do you use technology?

We use K-Coach to measure how you move and determine how it compares to the average professional golfer. These measurements tell us exactly what your swing needs within the first fifteen minutes of our first lesson.

How do you create rapid improvement?

We figure out how to fix any coordination issues with compensations in your setup and other parts of the swing so that you can hit the ball better and with more consistency. The ball only cares about impact, so that is priority number one.