Golf Club Regripping, Repair, and Gapping in Mesa, AZ 

Golf club regripping in Mesa, AZ
Club Regripping
Golf club bending in Mesa, AZ
Club Bending

Worn grips inhibit your swing and can lead to a loss of power and control. Putting a fresh set of grips on your clubs is an inexpensive and quick way to bring a noticeable change to your game.

We offer a wide variety of grips for all clubs -- putters to drivers. If you have arthritic hands you may want to try a thicker grip. It will make it easier to hold on to the club.

If your clubs have gotten a lot of play or maybe been banged around during travel, the shafts maybe have bent. The slightest bend can effect the flight and distance of your shots. In just a few minutes, we can easily bend your club back to its original state -- and your shot to its intended flight.

Club Gapping

Over time, the carry distance of your clubs can change from heavy use. By measuring the loft and distance of your shots with each club we can determine if you have an equal measure of the distance between them. If not, we can bend your clubs accordingly.


The average distance gap for slower clubhead speeds is 7-9 yards, whereas, higher club speeds are 12-15  yards.

Having the right equipment, and keeping it in good repair is essential to your golf game.