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Our Golf Guru and Lead Instructor has over ten years of experience coaching players as a Certified PGA Professional Coach, and is proud to have taught several local club champions and aspiring tour players. This professional experience allows us to quickly help players of all skill levels, from beginner to expert.

Golf Guru Will Change Your Game

With our proven golf instruction process you'll learn to hit the ball straighter, farther and with more consistency

Here's what we do during your Golf Blueprint Session:

Mobility screening to learn how you move best.

The first step is to learn how you move best, by assessing movement patterns that are important to your golf swing. This tells us how well your body moves and supports itself during your swing. No equipment is required, and it takes just 5-10 minutes.

Technical analysis of your golf swing, short game, and putting.

Next, we will use our K-Coach vest to measure your body movements. You will take 5 swings and that data will tell us exactly what adjustments should be made to improve your swing. We then test your short game by having you hit to 10 random distances between 20 and 80 yards. Then we break down your putting tendencies and what is causing them.

Identify, prioritize and plan for improvement

The last step is to use the data gathered to put together a custom game improvement plan. This plan will include a lesson schedule, mobility training, and a practice plan. At the end of this first session, you will receive a video recapping the key points and where we go from here.

Call, text or email to book a lesson: (480) 660-3830 


About Your First Lesson

What to Bring

All you’ll need to bring is your golf clubs and a golf glove. We supply everything else. If you do not have clubs please let us know and we will provide clubs for you.

What We Will Do

We start by evaluating your swing using our state of the art technology. We will measure how you move and then determine how to work towards better movements that will get better results for you on the course.

Where We’ll Go From There

After your Golf Blueprint, we will recommend a membership, based on your schedule, goals, and budget.