Golf Playing Lessons with a Certified Coach in Mesa, AZ

Playing lessons help you manage the course better, make good decisions, and use mental imagery to improve your focus and scoring.

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Course Management

Course management is key to shaving strokes off your score. We give you an understanding of the different choices you have  to make the best decision, so if you're faced with difficult shots, like being stuck behind a tree, or ending up in a divot. We will work with you to understand the probabilities of executing each shot, and then making the best possible choice.

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The Mental Game

Pro players talk about the mental game and the importance of using imagery to “see” the ball in flight, landing exactly where you want it to go. Imagining the shot first helps activate your muscle memory and prepares you to make any shot on the course — from full swing to your short game, to putting — all with more accuracy and consistency.

Transfer Practice

Transfer practice is the key to taking your newly acquired skills to the golf course to play your best. We will use range sessions and mental imagery to "simulate" playing conditions and solutions. Transfer practice can help you score better on the golf course and in other competitive environments, including work.

Save strokes and score better with a playing lesson.

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Learn to Manage the Course Like a Pro