Golf Mobility Training in Mesa, AZ 

Score Your Best with a Fitness Program Built for You.


Physical Screenings

Have you ever attended a lesson where your coach tried to change your entire swing before even understanding how your swing or body works?

Our screenings give our coaches an advantage; they don't have to guess what you need. Instead, we make adjustments to your swing based on the facts we get from your screening.


We start with our screening process first so that we have a full understanding of your body and swing. Then we develop a custom plan so that you can score your best. 

Austin Pulczinski

TPI Certified Golf Professional

Malissia Pulczinski

Golf Movement Specialist

Warm-Up Routines

Have you ever played a round feeling like you never really warmed up enough to play your best?


Before you pick up a club for play or practice, it's important to warm up first so that you can play the game at your highest level, and avoid injuries.


We want you to play your best and feel your best, that’s why our lessons start with a screening allowing your golf instructor to work with your mobility specialist to create a warm-up routine customized to you.

Our warm-up routines are designed so that you can do them anywhere, with no equipment needed, so that you can always play and feel your best.

Mobility Training

Have you ever wished you could get your distance back?

Most of our struggles with distance are due to muscular imbalances which cause limitations in mobility, and can sometimes cause pain. At Golf Guru we create custom training programs for strength, stability, and speed to help you improve your muscular function and gain the distance and consistency that you need and want.


Our training programs are available in person and virtually.


***Will be offered for groups when we are able to resume in-person classes.

Play your best by understanding how your body movements contribute to your swing

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