What are your goals?

Whether you are just learning the game, want to cure a slice, or understand how to hit the ball farther -- Golf Guru can tailor a plan to get the results you need.

Here's everything we'll do during your introductory lesson:

Movement Screening 

We perform a movement screening to understand how you move. This enables us to build a swing for you, and help you move better. The patterns we identify are critical to understanding your golf swing and the most important steps to improve.

Technical analysis of your golf swing

Next, you will put on a K-Coach vest to measure your body movements. In just five swings we will capture the data needed to tell us exactly what we should work on changing to improve your swing.

Determine Your plan for rapid improvement.

In your first 30 minutes, your Coach will work with you to determine the best plan to help you play your best golf yet. At the end of your first lesson, your coach will recommend a membership plan that will help you reach your goals.

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  • TPI Screening

  • Swing Analysis

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Build a swing to last a lifetime


Comments from Introductory Offer Students

So far so good!

“I’ve had two lessons to help me get out of some bad habits I’ve accumulated over the years with my swing. The pointers Austin has given me have helped me hit the ball straighter and with more confidence. Looking forward to more lessons and pointers to enjoy the game of golf like I used to.”

-- Joseph H.

About Your Introductory Lesson

What to Bring

All you’ll need to bring is your golf clubs and a golf glove. We supply everything else. If you do not have clubs we can supply them.

What We Will Do

We start by evaluating your swing using our state of the art technology. We will measure how you move and then determine how to work towards better movements that will get better results for you on the course.

Where We’ll Go From There

After our initial lesson we will recommend a learning plan for you based on your needs and availability. We have a number of lesson options and monthly plans to accommodate your schedule and budget.


Comments from Introductory Offer Students

Find the swing that fits your natural body movement

Austin has been great. He doesn’t do generic swing coaching, but more finding the swing that fits your natural body movement. He makes things very simple and easy to understand. I highly recommend.

-- Sam C.


The Last Golf Instructor You'll Ever Need

I grew up on a golf course, literally. Golf is my family's business, and helping people to play better golf is my passion.


When you play well, the game is a source of great pleasure, but when you don’t, it can be a source of great frustration. I have seen it hundreds of times — and I know that the difference comes down to good instruction and understanding how your body moves best.


I have developed an approach to teaching that runs counter to how most instructors work. I never make my students conform to some notion of a perfect swing, instead, I evaluate how they move, and then teach them how to work with their movements to optimize their results. 


Teaching people to enjoy golf is my sole business; I am continually investing in education and equipment to make me a better instructor and to make my students better players. That’s why I can say with confidence that I will be the last golf instructor you will ever need.

— Austin Pulczinski, Owner and Lead Golf Guru

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Austin Pulczinki

Certified PGA Teaching Professional

Titleist Performance Institute Certified

Eyeline Putting Certified


Membership Plans

If you love your introductory lesson — and just about everyone does — we have monthly membership plans available that help you improve your game and save money too!

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