Unleash Your True Potential Using Trackman 4 - Mesa, AZ

Golf instruction, practice, and player development are going through a period of tremendous change through technology. At Golf Guru, we help you learn by using the same launch monitor that PGA pros like Rory Mcllroy use; the TrackMan 4. 


Trackman 4 lets our coaches monitor changes in your swing over time while helping you understand the real vs. feel in your swing. This amazing technology lets us understand exactly what you need to do to play and score your best.

Trackman 4’s technology empowers you to see and understand your ball flight, and gives you the tools you need to intuitively improve your chipping and putting.


With Trackman 4 you can play games customized to your lessons and play simulated rounds of golf on world-famous courses too.

TrackMan 4 gives us these key pieces of information on your shots:​

Let TrackMan Data Lead the Way to a Better Swing

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Unleash your true potential with the Trackman 4 at Golf Guru.